major project sample

personal antiracist & inclusivity statement

university of washington | english 131 winter 2021

We’ve interrogated the rhetoric around the concept of privilege and challenged ourselves to dispel our discomforts around our own experiences with and relationships to it. We’ve also looked at how language and literacy have informed and been informed by context and shifts in culture and history.

For this project, we’ll watch a series of videos (no longer than the week's cumulative class meetings) related to systemic inequities and their movements, including but not limited to: BLM, climate change and indigenous culture, queer representation and history, the problems of ableism, immigration/mass incarceration, literacy and class warfare in revolution. 

1. Respond to each film in one (1) critically thought out and well-developed paragraph. Reflect on what we’ve discussed about language identities and coding, the previous Short Assignments, and on your understanding of and experience with privilege, antiracism, and matters of inclusivity.

2. Revisit and research readings on language inequities, power, and privilege. Then draft your own 2-3 page Antiracist and Inclusivity Statement.

The two important elements of this statement are: 

  • An acknowledgment and reflection of your own (negative, positive, or both) relationship with privilege

  • And a statement on your understanding of what Antiracism and Inclusivity means with relation to language inequities and language identities 

Some things to consider:

  • Have you ever witnessed language inequity or linguistic racism in action?

  • Do you recognize dynamics of privilege and inequity where you hadn’t before?

  • What is your understanding of how privilege dynamics and inequities begin? Any specific ones? (From personal experience, from readings, etc.)

For this assignment, use academic language. See here for citation style guides (MLA, Chicago, etc.) and choose one to use. Practice headers, titles, pagination (page numbers), citations. Use 12-pt Times New Roman font double-spaced and include a list of works cited/references at the end.