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un grading agreement: excerpts

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Think of me NOT as the gatekeeper of grades or a judge determining your academic worth. That is, I don’t decide how well you do in this class -- YOU do. I’m just here to record the progress for the work you put in.

As a member of ENGL 131 A7 Winter 2021, you agree to the following expectations and responsibilities: 



  • Sign on to class on your Pod day having read the readings, done necessary discussion posts, and reviewed the week’s module

  • Commit to due dates to the best of your ability

  • Utilize the three (3) hours given back to you from the days your Pod does not meet as extra work time

    • Per UW Academic Credit policies, 1 course credit = 3 hours of work a week; thus a 5-credit course = 15 hours of work a week including class meetings, office hours, conferences, and work outside of class meetings. Budget and organize your time accordingly. At the very least, set aside the three (3) hours your Pod doesn’t meet to work on specifically ENGL 131 content. 


  • Commit to respectful feedforward philosophy with your peers during discussion, conversation, and work collaboration/exchange 

  • Get comfy with being uncomfy in your ignorance 

    • In other words, if you aren’t sure how to feel about something, learn about it; if an idea, discussion, or reading feels difficult, let’s discuss why

  • Make the effort to de-center Prevalent American English or Dominant Academic Discourse as the correct, professional, formal, legitimate code(s) 

    • You’ll still have assignments that ask you to use these codes, but only as called for by genre


Baseline Writing Expectations 

  • Complete all assignments in Google Docs and submit the Share link on Canvas via Text Box or Writer’s Memo, whichever is applicable 

    • Make sure the link is accessible to UW emails with Commenting permission enabled 

  • Use the appropriate code for the appropriate genre, especially if the assignment calls for it

    • For example: Use Dominant Academic Discourse for this research paper assignment versus Translate this thesis statement into a Tweet

  • Be conscious of and communicate what you are looking to receive feedback on in space provided on assignment rubrics 

As leader of ENGL 131 A7 Winter 2021, I agree to the following responsibilities and reciprocations: 



  • Provide feedback and grades within a reasonable/timely manner 

  • To open and manage a Writing Feedforward module where you can request specific feedback on past assignments 

  • Be available for concerns regarding universal design and accessibility of course content and material 



  • Review your work and provide equitable feedforward evaluation based on the expectations of the assignment and of the assignment’s code

  • Provide grades on a scale of to be improved / satisfactory / very strong

    • Note: this does not mean Fail / Pass / A+

    • See syllabus and/or assignment details for guidance translating point value to above scale  

  • Record a final course grade reflective of demonstrated effort over the quarter and within the Final Portfolio (see grade chart on syllabus)

  • Most importantly, to record a grade reflective not of VALUE or LANGUAGE “PROFICIENCY” but of your PROGRESS and POSITIONING within the EWP Outcomes