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academics, appointments, & research



university of washington


university of south florida

English 484 · Advanced Prose Workshop

English 384 · The Craft of Prose

English 284 · Beginning Short Story Writing

English 131 · Composition: Exposition 

UW STEMsub summer academy · College Writing Prep

English 1101 · Composition I

English 1102 · Composition II  

creative writing

august 2019 - june 2022

university of washington

specialization. hybrid/experimental, image writing, adaptation and transformative literature

critical thesis. “Rearranging the Room: An Adaptation of Jane Eyre with Afterword.” · short story adaptation and critical readings

creative thesis. happy russians (& other fairy tales) · novella in fragment and fractal

january 2015 - may 2019

university of south florida

creative writing. Fiction I & II; Poetry I & II; Writing for Film; 19th Century British Novel; Honors Seminar: Writing the Body; Honors Seminar: Haunted Narratives; Honors Thesis; Hybrids & Experiments; Literature and the Occult

classics. Classical Greek I & II; Seminar: Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean; Seminar: Death, Burial, and the Afterlife in Antiquity; Gods, Heroes, & Monsters; Daily Life in Ancient Rome; Daily Life in Ancient Greece; Greek Mythology 

history. Russian I-IV; History Seminar: Theory and Methods of History; World War II; History of 19th Century Europe; History of Imperial Russia; History of the Soviet Union; Russian Civilization 

BA | english (creative writing), history
MINOR | classics, russian studies
summa cum laude



Historicity of myth, civic queerness in ancient cult.

  • “Eros: Figure, Force, and Cult.” Spring 2018, University of South Florida. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Dr. Dave Thomas.

  • “Patroklos, Honor of the Non-War Hero: A literary analysis in conjunction with historical and archaeological evidence.” Fall 2017, University of South Florida. Death, Burial, and the Afterlife in Antiquity, Dr. Davide Tanasi.

  • “Romanitas and Memory: Death of the Invisibles.” Fall 2017, University of South Florida. Death, Burial, and the Afterlife in Antiquity, Dr. Davide Tanasi.

Queer studies, counterculture, occult.

  • “Rearranging the Room: An Adaptation of Jane Eyre with Afterword.” Lenk, Jerico. 2022. University of Washington, Master of Fine Arts critical thesis.  

  • “Reflections, Refractions, and Reviews: Contemporary Response to Henry James’ ‘Turn of the Screw.’” Spring 2018, University of South Florida. The Nineteenth-Century British Novel: Mystery and Sensation, Jessica Cook.

  • “Boy Worship and the Victorian Cult of Masculinity: A Brief Historiography.” Spring 2016, University of South Florida. Theory and Methods of History, Dr. Darcie Fontaine.


Imperial Russia, Revolution, culture and language studies.

  • Русская Душа: The Imminence and Inevitability of Russian Revolution.” Fall 2015, University of South Florida. History of Imperial Russia, Dr. Kees Boterbloem.

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