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student experiences


“I took full advantage of [creative] freedom and explored ideas and topics I was intimidated by before.” · “The discussion felt like an opportunity to practice the techniques and elements we would use in our bigger assignments.” · “I didn’t shy away from the vulnerability, but embraced it, since it would further my purpose and help create voice and emotion within my work.” · “As I continue on in my academic career, creating presentation and conducting research, I will be much more cognizant of how I present and structure my work, and how this impacts the way it is perceived.” · “[Being] able to ‘dissect’ the sources into tiny chunks, allows for stronger connections to be made between the argument of your writing and the sources. Coming into this class, I was someone who was able to craft a piece of writing that served a very narrow audience, but today, I can confidently say that I can write for different mediums and genres.” · “Thanks to this quarter’s English 131 course, I do realize the importance of my unique personal experience and perspective, and now I have the ability learnt from this course to compose any genres of articles to interpret my sharp opinions.”

creative writing

“From talking to the student, I learned that her identity through writing has been shaped in this class tremendously. … She used to base identity off of a fictional character, not herself, but in Jerico’s class, she’s been able to do self-exploration.” · “[This course] made me evaluate and articulate a lot of technique I naturally do, so I can do it intentionally now, and see the spots where I'm falling short.” · “I never considered myself to be ‘creative’ or a writer until taking this course. I have gained confidence in my ability to express myself through storytelling.” · “I thought that I learned as much as I could from writing because everything I heard was repetitive. Jerico incorporates this way of new thinking and creative expression that I had never explored before.” · “[Being] put in an environment where I would have to revise, workshop, critically think, and collaborate … expanded my views on what writing is and that you shouldn't be afraid to work really hard for a goal.” · “I think my time in office hours and reviewing the feedback on our major assignments [were most helpful].” · “It was really helpful to talk with my peers while looking at our writing pieces because it provided a safe and comfortable space to give and receive critique, while also having fun with others.” · “The accessibility of the instructor and the free ability to collaborate with other classmates helped me to learn more about writing and myself so much.” 

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